Often referred to as CLAs (Community Living Arrangements), our group home offer the most supervision and structure of any of the residential services in the tri-city area. Occupancy is limited to
a maximum of four residents and is supervised 24 hours a day. In some situations, more than one staff person is on duty to provide supervision and
assistance. Staff assists the residents with daily living skills such as proper hygiene, appropriate social interaction, home care, money management, and recreation. Individual program plans are developed with the participation of the resident and family.

Our group homes offer a comfortable, stable, and supervised environment.
Our group home is inspected and licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health.


Our office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Our group home offers 24 hour staff supervision. Most meetings regarding the residents will take place during
regular business hours.
Family participation in the development of service plans is important; therefore, the meetings could occur at other times to gain maximum participation in the development of the plan.


Individuals will have the opportunity to live in a home and be active members of their community. They will be afforded the chance to have the “Every Day Life” experienced by other people. They will receive assistance as needed in
developing the skills that will enhance this experience. Their medical needs will be monitored by agency personnel
consisting of trained Direct Care staff, a Program Director.And a Registered Nurse.

We are licensed for 4 Adults/Co-ed.
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a living room, sitting room and dining room all on a beautiful waterfront property. Located in the TriCities Virginia.


are important to everyone

  • Be integrated in and supports full access to the greater community.
  • Ensure an individual’s rights of privacy, dignity and respect, and freedom from coercion andrestraint.
  • Optimize, but not regiment, individual initiative, autonomy, and independence in making lifechoices, including but not limited to, daily activities, physical
    environment, and with whom tointeract.
  • Facilitate individual choice regarding services and supports, and who provides them.