What is Day Services?


At A&J, our mission is to care for the needs of intellectually and/or multilayered
disabled adults through residential living programs, but as well as day services.


Day Support Center:


  • Located in the heart of Colonial Heights, our Day Support Center has been operating since 2022.
  • The center is a lively, loving place equipped with an activity room, laundry facilities, a kitchen, and shower/bathing facilities.
  • With a staff-to-client ratio of XX:XX, we can easily accommodate up to XX adult attendees.
  • Our highly trained and caring staff continuously provide incredible service.


A Day at the Center:


  • Regular Group Activities: Fostering connections and joy.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Encouraging community engagement.
  • Dinner and Birthday Parties: Celebrating special moments.
  • Salon and Barbershop Services: Keeping residents looking and feeling their best.
  • Holiday Parties and Get-Togethers: Creating cherished memories.


Discover the warmth and inclusivity of A&J – where every day is an opportunity for growth and connection.

Our Team


At A&J Services, our team is the heart of everything we do. Comprised of dedicated professionals with years of experience in supporting individuals with disabilities, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care and support to each member of our community.

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